Friday, December 5, 2014

Blog Post 14

Dear student,

You are now just making the huge transition from High School to College. There are lots of changes happening, and more still to come. It takes time to get used to the flow of your schedule and classes. I have learned in ASC that building a routine is helpful when trying to get used to your schedule. I also advise you to use your planner. My planner has become my lifeline and is the main way I stay organized. I have gotten into the habit of writing down every assignment and its due date. My planner informs me of my to-do list and of other events or meetings I have that week. I found that I am more productive in my day when I have a consistent routine that I follow. When your routine is consistent it also can create keystone habits. These habits have become a part of your day because of the way your routine is set up. ASC taught me that in order to change a habit, you have to keep the cue and reward the same, but change the way you respond to the cue. In the routine should be time for a good nights sleep. Sleep is very important for your body and brain especially when it used actively everyday. Many students make the mistake of not getting enough sleep because they are too occupied with studying or hanging out with friends. A suggestion to you is to not sacrifice your sleep. I have learned that learn better and am more alert when I get a good nights sleep. I am more productive and produce better quality work when I am fully rested. College has really shown me that value and necessity of a nap. When you wake up early every morning for your 8 am class, and have class until late afternoon, you will crave your bed. Naps in the afternoon are so refreshing. However, ASC taught me that napping for longer than 30 minutes will actually make you more tired. The ideal nap length is 20-30 minutes. That is long enough to make you feel rested, but not too long to where your body goes into a deep sleep. I have found that getting to know your professor is really beneficial. It has been a lot easier to go ask my professor questions and to seek help since I have already created a relationship with him. Professors appreciate when their students interact with them because it show that the student is invested in the course. One thing that is so special about Calvin is the many resources available. There is free tutoring and academic coaches that are there to help you succeed. I recommend going to the rhetoric center to get help with writing and editing papers. ASC showed me that these resources exist and where to seek the help I needed. 
Here are my 7 pieces of advice summarized:
  1. Use your planner - it will help you stay on top of your homework, tests and appointments
  2. It is important to get a good nights rest every night
  3. It is best to only limit naps to 20-30 minutes
  4. The way to change a habit is by changing the routine but keep the cue and reward the same
  5. Build a relationship with your professor
  6. Make use of your resources such as the rhetoric center, free tutoring, and academic coaches
  7. Build a routine 
    Get a good night sleep every night and limit nap time

    My planner reminds me of what to do during that week

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