Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post 12

The finish line is in sight, Ive got to keep on pushing myself so I can finish strong. Over the next couple weeks I have a paper to write in my English 100 class. I have already gotten a head start on it to prevent myself from getting stressed. I am most concerned about my final exam in my Spanish class. I have been reviewing vocabulary regularly and have been meeting with a tutor for additional help. I have Culture Points due in Spanish before the end of the semester. For these, I am required to go and experience Spanish culture. This could be going to a Mexican super market, or spanish church, or even sitting with the Spanish Table at dinner. Over break my goal is to work on getting some of these points. I am feeling confident about the ASC exam, but I am going to continue to study and practice applying what Ive learned to my lifestyle. CAS is another exam that I am going to have to prepare a lot for. I plan to meet with other students in the class and study the vocabulary and other concepts. The CAS exam has potential to have an essay attached. I hope that if there is an essay that Professor Romanowski will give us the prompt ahead of time. If he does, I plan to outline and write the essay before the exam. 
A way I manage stress is to not let myself get too far behind in any of my classes. I get started on my work fairly soon after it is assigned. I try my hardest to not procrastinate on big assignments. I have learned that when I procrastinate I do not do as well on the assignment. If I spend time preparing an outline and write my paper in sections I tend to do better. Getting started earlier gives me extra time to do several revisions and edits. I also have the option to take it to the Rhetoric Center for additional help. I am able to produce better quality work when I have more time, therefore I receive a better grade. 

I also plan to reduce my stress by taking short breaks in-between my study sessions. I tend to get really worn out after hours of flipping through flash cards and re-reading text books. Giving myself short 30 minute breaks is just enough time to reward myself for working hard. I plan to spread out my studying a week before each exam. I have learned through ASC that studying for a test the night before an exam is not very effective. Therefore, I plan to study a little bit of material every day. 

Music is my stress reliever 
My healthy snack 

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