Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blog Post 8

Interacting and building a relationship with at least one of your professors can have lot of benefits. First of all, the professor will be more willing to help if they see that the student is engaged in the class. Going and asking the professor questions is a good start to interacting with them and it will show them that you care about the class. Once you build a relationship with a professor, they will be more likely to go out of their way to make sure you are on track in class. 
I really enjoyed meeting, at the start of the semester, my secondary advisor who happened to be my ASC112 professor as well. Just being able to meet and discuss how things were going in my classes was really beneficial. I had the chance to bring up any concerns or questions that I had about my schedule and classes. 

The transition from high school to college can be tough, so it is really helpful to have faculty and professors available willing to help and talk to you. I have noticed while being at Calvin that some professors will reach out to you, but that should not always be assumed. I have had the most interaction with my English 101 professor, Du Mez. I stay after class a few minutes most days to talk to him about any questions I may have, or if I am following the assignment criteria correctly. Asking questions and clarifying topics we discussed in class has improved the quality of my work, and in return it has improved my grades. Earlier this week I met one-on-one with Du Mez and we talked about my last paper I handed back on Monday. We discussed the feedback he left, and ways of improving my work. He also took a look at my paper I am currently in the process of writing for that class; and, he gave me suggestions for improvement. I found the meeting very helpful because now I feel like I am on track and keeping up in that class. After the meeting, I now have a clear idea of what my professor is looking for and expecting in this paper. Building a relationship and interacting with my professors has helped my my transition to college be easier and, so far, has prevented me from falling behind. I really appreciate the supportiveness of the faculty at Calvin College.

Classes that interest me: 

Business 160;  IDIS 110; Spanish 121; Written Rhetoric 101; Math 100; Psych; Introduction too International Development 201; Introduction to Photography 256

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