Friday, October 31, 2014

Blog Post 9

Reflection on my past goals 

One of my goals I made back in September was that I was going to get a job on campus by the end of the semester. So far I have not applied for any jobs on campus. However, I have had the opportunity to go home on some weekends to work for my old job back in Holland. I really enjoy being able to go home every now and then to work and earn some money. On the weekends I am able to make as much money in a day as I would if I worked everyday on campus. It works out well because I am able to focus on my studies during the week and am able to enjoy the free time I do have. I am still open to finding an on campus job for the winter and spring semester. I have thought about hosting students for Friday’s at Calvin on the weekends to make some extra money. I have somewhat maintained my goal of exercising twice a week. Even if it is just a walk around campus or through Calvin’s nature preserve, that is a healthy way to give myself a break from studying. I still need to work on building the habit of exercising and being healthy. I know from past experience that the more I work out the more my body craves that feeling of exercise. It is my willpower to exercise that I need to work on. The hardest part is getting myself started. For example, the idea comes across my mind, but the action of putting on my gym clothes and shoes is what turns me away. I am still going to have the goal of exercising because it is healthy for me, and I should do it more often. I am on right track to accomplishing my goal of playing a song on the guitar. I still have a long way to go, but I am making progress. I have little experience playing the guitar, so just learning a few cords is an improvement. Many of my friends I hang out with play the guitar, so I have been getting tips and help from them which has made this goal obtainable. I have not yet met my goal of becoming Belay Certified at the rock wall. I was sick for the first several weeks of school, and then became so busy with school that I have not had much time to go rock climbing. It is still on my list of goals to accomplish by the end of the semester. 

Smart Goals 

  1. End the semester with at least a C or better in my Spanish class. 
  2. Plan out my next semester and classes by Thanksgiving Break
  3. Become Belay Certified at the Calvin rock wall by the end of the semester.
  4. Exercise 3 times a week to maintain good health 
  5. Start attending a chapel service at least once a week starting in November.
  6. Start looking a church to attend on Sunday starting in November. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blog Post 8

Interacting and building a relationship with at least one of your professors can have lot of benefits. First of all, the professor will be more willing to help if they see that the student is engaged in the class. Going and asking the professor questions is a good start to interacting with them and it will show them that you care about the class. Once you build a relationship with a professor, they will be more likely to go out of their way to make sure you are on track in class. 
I really enjoyed meeting, at the start of the semester, my secondary advisor who happened to be my ASC112 professor as well. Just being able to meet and discuss how things were going in my classes was really beneficial. I had the chance to bring up any concerns or questions that I had about my schedule and classes. 

The transition from high school to college can be tough, so it is really helpful to have faculty and professors available willing to help and talk to you. I have noticed while being at Calvin that some professors will reach out to you, but that should not always be assumed. I have had the most interaction with my English 101 professor, Du Mez. I stay after class a few minutes most days to talk to him about any questions I may have, or if I am following the assignment criteria correctly. Asking questions and clarifying topics we discussed in class has improved the quality of my work, and in return it has improved my grades. Earlier this week I met one-on-one with Du Mez and we talked about my last paper I handed back on Monday. We discussed the feedback he left, and ways of improving my work. He also took a look at my paper I am currently in the process of writing for that class; and, he gave me suggestions for improvement. I found the meeting very helpful because now I feel like I am on track and keeping up in that class. After the meeting, I now have a clear idea of what my professor is looking for and expecting in this paper. Building a relationship and interacting with my professors has helped my my transition to college be easier and, so far, has prevented me from falling behind. I really appreciate the supportiveness of the faculty at Calvin College.

Classes that interest me: 

Business 160;  IDIS 110; Spanish 121; Written Rhetoric 101; Math 100; Psych; Introduction too International Development 201; Introduction to Photography 256

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blog Post 7

I have had the date of the CAS test written in pen, circled, and underlined in my planner since we have been given a syllabus at the start of the semester. I knew that in this class there are not a lot of assignments that are graded, so doing well on this test is crucial. Over a week before the exam I have already started to look through notes and re-reading chapters. I plan to make flash cards for the terms I am unfamiliar with. I have had much success using the online Norton website. The website provides summaries, practice quizzes and online flashcards. I also take the online quizzes after each chapter I read. Next week I plan to attend all three of the study sessions for this test provided by my ASC class.
I chose to study this way because in ASC I was taught that it is not effective to cram a semester worth of knowledge into a night of studying. I am able to testify that this is true, as I myself have experienced only studying the night before, which resulted in a poor grade. To start studying a few weeks before helps me not be so anxious or stress when I go in to take the test. I also learned that students who are more familiar with the material on the test are less likely to feel anxious during test time. I have been looking at past chapter overviews as we continue to learn new material. I learned in ASC that it is important to go back and recall that information regularly so it can be stored in your long term memory. It is easy to forget everything that was taught at the beginning of the semester, so I made a goal to read through the all the chapter summaries once a week. I have gotten into the habit of looking over my notes before and after class. According to the Cornell Note Taking strategy this is a habit that active learners do. I found that it is helpful for me to review my notes prior to class to help me familiarize myself with the material again. In a way it is preparing my brain to get ready for class and to learn new information.

While studying I put myself in a quiet or semi-quiet place. I like to study with music on, but after reading an article in ASC I learned that multitasking is not affective studying. I try to avoid studying in my room because that is where I have the most distractions. I ignore my phone when it buzzes and close out all the social media websites that might distract me while I study. After 15 minutes of solid studying I allow myself to take a 5 minute break. It takes willpower at first to ignore my phone when it keeps buzzing because your friends are asking you to hangout. However, as time goes on the willpower strengthens. I no longer car if my phone rings because I am focused on what I am studying.
My biggest distraction is my cell phone 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Blog Post 6

The Cornell Note Taking Strategy can be very effective if students use it correctly.  In the Cornell strategy you start by taking regular notes, but later on after class, you transfer them to the Recall column you created on your paper. In this column you can write review questions, or main concepts. This helps because it forces students to transfer things into their own words. It creates for a deeper understanding that helps these topics store into your long term memory. This strategy might work for me if I remained diligent in recalling questions. I believe in the long term I am actually learning the material, but it is going to take time getting used to putting things into my own words. 
Cornell Note Taking Strategy is more than just a method on how student could takes notes during class. It looks at what the student does before and after class. A student who correctly follows the Cornell strategy uses the time before class to review over previous notes and lectures. I believe that this is good for some people because they are in a way “warming up” their minds. They are preparing themselves mentally for the class by familiarizing themselves with class material. I usually get to class early to look over my notes, old homework and lectures. For example, I do this for my Spanish class in the morning to get my mind awake and thinking in Spanish. These are great tools for me to look over to refresh my mind on what we are going over in class. 

Another trait of active learning from students using the Cornell strategy is that they look at their notes immediately after class. After sitting in class the notes that were just taken are still fresh in one’s mind. It is easier to learn material right after you had just learned it. Students can take the time after class for a moment and underline, highlight and star important concepts and terms. 

5 Review Questions for Ch.5 :
1. Two components of Mise-en-Scene
2. Compare and Contrast Design vs. Composition
3. What are the 5 elements of design?
4. Explain what Framing is
5. Open vs. Closed Frame - what is it? 

My notes this week from CAS 145
I kept track of all my assignments this week in my planner
Studying at the Fish House while rewarding myself with a Caribou latte. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Blog Post 5

This Week's Reflection 

       Even just hearing the word, “test” can cause me to tense up, sending shivers down my spine as my body fills with anxiety. Tests have aways been a struggle for me in school. I can spend time looking at notes and feel ready for the test, then when the paper is in front of me my mind goes blank. I have had some help in trying to find a solution for this problem, and ASC has helped. 
      I know in order to not feel anxious for this test, I need to be confident in my knowing of the material. In order to prepare myself for this test I have pushed aside time in my schedule for studying. I printed off the notes, thankfully provided by my professor. I would quiz myself of the different topics on the notes, highlighting the ones I didn't know as well, or at all. I spent most of my time looking over the highlighted terms, sometimes finding more examples in order to understand something. I would quiz myself on the material in the notes. Another useful study tool I learned was using memory tricks and acronyms. 
     I regularly changed up the scenery of where I would study and looked over my notes. The most comfortable being my own room. However, my room also happens to be the most distracting. I also enjoy bringing my notes and study guides to Jonny’s cafe. The atmosphere can be distracting at times, but the short social interactions make for a nice study break. In the mean time while the weather is still nice, my favorite spot to study is at a table outside of my dorm. 
     I felt relatively calm going into the test today, which does not happen too often. The test had been about what I had expected and the material was all proved in the notes. I felt I could have prepared more in the way of creating my own examples of terms and applying them to my own life. The questions overall on the test were fair and straight-forward. 

     For the next test I will look into making flash cards as a new way to help me study. I will more effectively be able to quiz myself. I also may try meeting with other classmates to form a study group. 

Yet another busy week, good thing I have my planner to help me stay organized
Woohoo! Finally finished with my first college paper - CAS 145 Critical Analysis 

I hope I get a chance to go back down to Art Prize this weekend